Awsom raptor avi

Dilophoraptor's "Awesome Raptor" Avatar

Dilophoraptor (AKA Awesome Raptor) is a Member of ZTV, He has done a bit of everything, from Role Playing to Making a reskin.(With help from Lookout21, but a newer, more resent version was made earlier in the summer of 2012) He is likely noted because of the fact he is slightly insane, making a topic of Morbid Humor, which people didn't mind even though it had everything from Nazi related stuff to baby killing.

He likes to be called Dilo, but some will refer to him as DRaptor or Dilopho. Dilophoraptor is also one of the Few Furries on the site. He is also known(on minecraft) for his Dinosaurs made from Wool back when Sun God Ra was in charge of the server.

He was known as Awesome Raptor a few times around, It came to him when he made the Awesome Raptor Avi(Avatar) From the Awesome Face. But he has gone back to the Dilophoraptor User Name. For now...

The Username Dilophoraptor was his Original Username, combining his two favorite Dinosaurs at the Time, Dilophosaurus and Utahraptor, But This Mascot as he calls it, is now a dragon like version, with Dragon wings and a clubbed tail, Along with odd thorn like spikes coming from the crest, and its Trademark Black and lime-green coloration.

When Dilophoraptor First joined, it was about a half or a year after the KH hacking. He originally came for the downloads, but he got bored, and went to the Role play Section, Thus creating his first two role plays where born, The Crested Dinosaur RolePlay and The Jurassic Dinosaur RolePlay, where he partook in both as a Dilophosaur.

After The creation of these topics, he Created a topic debating on the possible existens of Frilled Dilophosaurs in Real life, where he was Beated very Quickly. First perposing it was used by young to protect themselfs by scareing preditors away(Dilo comments:i feel stupid about saying that) then saying Males had it to impress Female Dilophosaurs.


  • This was Writein by Dilo
  • Dilo as also known for his failure at being a part of a roleplay known as Prehistoric park RP by a CrystalDragon
  • This is likly the first Page to have a trivia
  • he is known to cap letters when he isn't suppose to.
  • Thing is, Dilo wasent the first to have the Dilophoraptor idea, but he never knew about it, the other Dilophoraptor was by a HellRaptor on DeaviantArt

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