Incinverox's current avatar.

Incinerox is a current admin on ZTV. He is one of the most popular members. He is also known as Dragon God or DG (Once known as Omniryujin, the Ryujin in the name literally meaning "Dragon God" The "omni" part literally meaning "every" or "all"). He will "incinerate spammers"

He is known for his quick temper and banning a lot of members. Those members once had a signature entitled "INCINERATED" They had as special member title and avatar aswell. He is a part of MMM,a design team that was making CC. He had a box on xat named Cbox of the Dragon God.

He has recently been reinstated as admin on the new ZTV, he has been on-off admin for years due to his own requests. He is treated respectively by most members, even when he is without staff powers.

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