Many members of ZTV have been active for years without promotion, but are just as well known as the staff. Some of these may be ex-staff even. They have all affected ZTV, for good or for bad, this page is NOT for current staff.

In alphabetical order

-DR- Ex-admin who "hacked" ZTV, shutting it down in the second ever hacking. Still very active in the community, but has left ZTV.

Amber_Tigrex~People made a general song and dance when she had to leave. She came back, of course.

Braq~Ex-staff made famous by the darkwing ducktheme of the site.

Dilong~was a well known spammer and considered annoying.

DK1000~Been at ZTV for a long time, active in the scientific parts of the forum.

John~Ex-admin who runs Zoo Tycoon Hideout (known as ZTH)

Mighty: Known for various usernames he's went through over the years, most famous as Mr. Jho. Tends to be active every day yet doesn't post most of the times. May or may not have started the main interest in Monster Hunter prior to the DR Hacking.

Moonstar-Popular member of the roleplay forum who created classics such as "pets". Innactive since the -DR-hacking.

Roketrhino900~Makes a general nuisance of himself. Has probably quit.

The Dark Pheonix~Well liked, once ran for mod and nearly made it.

The Third Camel~ Often abreviated to TTC, he is very sarcastic and insists on making his point, however irrelevant.

TyrantTR~Well known around the debate forum, wins everything.

XtremePieMan-Known as XPM, was active around te old spam forum, and now the hangout forum. Makes more "adult" jokes.

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