Snowleo's Nuzlocke Pic 1

(Above) A Nuzlocke screenshot from 'Snowleo's Bandwagon Emerald Randomizer Nuzlocke'. It shows how various randomizers used by players can create unusual and interesting encounters.

Nuzlockes are playthroughs of various Pokémon games. Most nuzlockes on ZTV are of Pokémon: Emerald Version. Many nuzlockes use randomizers, which, as the name suggests, make the Pokémon that appear completely random. For example, you could be fishing in Emerald, which takes place in the Hoenn region, and catch a Bulbasaur, a land Pokémon from the Kanto region. Nuzlockes are also meant to be a form of humor, with the player making jokes abuot the current situation, or naming Pokémon after ZTV members, regardless of the gender of the Pokémon or board member, often resulting in transvestite jokes.

Nuzlocke RulesEdit

Although the preferences and rules for each Nuzlocke vary from member to member, there are three key rules which are generally followed in order to have the game constiture as a Nuzlocke. They are as below.

Yegg's Nuzlocke Pic 1

An example of naming Pokemon after other ZTV members, seen here in 'Yegg's Pokemon Red Randomizer Nuzlocke'

  1. You may only catch one Pokemon per area, and it must be the first Pokemon you encounter. If you fail to catch the Pokemon, then there are no second chances and you may no longer catch a Pokemon in that area. Due to it's harshness, this rule is subject to change with some members allowing second attempts as a rule of leniency.
  2. If a Pokemon faints, then it is considered dead and must be either released or kept in permanent storage. As above, leniency rules may apply in the form of using revives or giving second chances.
  3. You must name all of your Pokemon. This is merely superficial, but it encourages the player to share closer bonds with their Pokemon. Most ZTV Nuzlocke players enjoy to name thier Pokemon after other fellow members, leading to many jokes between various players.

Members Who Have Made NuzlockesEdit

  • DracoDrake
  • Snowleo
  • Agnaktor Frost
  • Sun_God_Ra
  • Pestartz Ur-Auk
  • Dinoman777
  • AfterTheWitching
  • Awesome Raptor
  • Argentenoboy
  • Razor Raptor
  • King of Anteaters
  • Chipmunk46
  • Funky Moses
  • Mighty

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