The Pet Roleplay is a roleplay from the old ZTV that was created and originally owned by Moonstar. Later, when Moonstar quit the roleplay,Khajiit and Bunny were left in charge. When ZTV was destroyed,Anchiornis,also known as Ian the Iguanodon,Sokka, and Rupert, made Pet Rp: Next of Kin. Later, Xtremepieman decided to make a very crude parody of this rp, causing a great deal of controversy, causing the parody made by Xtremepieman to close after 10 pages.


Marty "Cheetah" Smith- Strangely spotted American Shorthair cat tom.

Pandorah (Pandy)- Female serval.

Shadow- Black tom,the breed of cat that he is is unknown.

Nofeet- 18 inch African Ball Python.

Ben- Male secretary bird.

Mooki- Salamander male.

Mr. Poffy (MP)- Black and white tom cat.

Otis- Apricot male pug.

Felicity- Blind female white cat.

Ferdinand (Ferdy)- Orange American Shorthair cat tom.

Maxwell (Max)- Male Chocolate Lab.

Jasmin- White Toy Poodle female.

Hunter- Black male horse.

Peter- Male rabbit.

Scourge- Black tom cat.

Burr- Calico tabby female cat.

Vixen- German shepard male.

Ballin- Golden retriever female.


The plot is that one day all the humans disappear and that pets have to find a way to survive without humans.

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