ZTV has many memes.


The UN is an emoticon that is quite popular amongst ZTV members in general. It is most oftenly used to express disappointment or disgust. It is commonly used when someone posts something that is considered "unintelligent" by other members. It is often seen during scientific or religious discussion (many ZTV members are atheists). A similar reaction would be, "WTF is this shit?"

Ex. User 1: Christianity has to be true because it says so in the Bible!

User 2: Are you retarded? (UN)

Note that "(UN)" would change to the emoticon when posted.

Deathraeg Chode

Feddhurz, qweelz, and scaelz

Feddhurz (feathers), qweelz (quills), and scaelz (scales) was a fad started by ZTV's paleontological community. After it was discovered that many dinosaurs had feathers and/ or quills, many members got excited and made funny names for them to be used in dicussion.

Sir Henry Horsekawk The Third

Sir Henry Horsehawk III is a character created by Xtremepieman.


13: is an emoticon that is rather popular amongst ZTV members. It is usually used after posting puns or sexual inuendo.

Ex. User1: I'm sick of all this inuendo!

User 2 (XPM): I've got something to stick in-your-end-o! :13:

Note that ":13:" would change to the emoticon after posting.

F*** you, Eeyore

This meme probably originated from these two videos on youtube (warning, NSFW):

Dirty the Pooh, Chapter One07:19

Dirty the Pooh, Chapter One

Very Uncensored Winnie the Pooh02:45

Very Uncensored Winnie the Pooh



The term Hemeklodon is most often seen during the discussion of Cryptozoology, the study of animals that have been reported to exist, but whose existence has not been accepted by mainstream Zoologists and other scientists. Examples of cryptids are the Sasquatch, Yeti, and Loch Ness Monster. Hemeklodon was coined in order to mock people (often disrespectfully referred to as "cryptards") who believe in the existence of such creatures.


XPM: I spy about five Hemeklodons in that photograph.

Octa: Wrong. There were six; the last one was taking the photograph.


Dat Bass

Hes hao

This meme originated in the video "Very Uncensored Winnie The Pooh". It can be viewed further up in the page. Warning: It's NSFW.

Bald Wolf

The Bald Wolf was created by Black Rhino Ranger, like most of his creations for ZT2, it was poorly made, and got mocked by many users.



The term shitstorm is when a debate becomes intense enough where people start lashing out at each other, often insulting one another. Shitsorms may lead to a thread becoming locked or closed.


Credit to Pie, Mighty, and anyone else who made these pictures

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