TOM, (Sometimes referred to as Mighty for the most part) known for having taken several different usernames in the past, but probably more better known by his original username of Ghost Raptor, has been a recurring member of ZTV since 2008. Born May 9th, 1994 (18 as of 2012), RyuuseiOh makes himself more known by his fascination with typical 80s or 90s shows, movies, and video games, though ironically, he also has his own modern taste of things as well. Typically, however, he is most loyal to franchises that originated in those decades than to the more modern 2000 and 2010 decades, with few exceptions to this rule at all. However, RyuuseiOh is always, well, RyuuseiOh, or whatever the heck username he typically uses for himself at the time. Some cases he often switched usernames, and matching avatars and signatures to go along with it, whenever he feels the mood to, often seeing himself as having a record breaking amount of usernames for a person who's been around the community since 2008. While some may not be familiar with him, some of the times due to the fact he goes into limbo at points whenever either activity is low, nothing important overall is going on, or he's too distracted with another site where RPs can occur. Typically a common controversy with him in RPs is a character called Dragora (More info below in the username list), which is essentially a god-mod character, despite how much he puts limitations on Dragora (In truth, Dragora has always been designed with limitations as the lead Dragora feels if they were too powerful at once, it would lose control of his various incarnations). RyuuseiOh's unusual behavior at times can usually end up with him being serious, having fun, or in the case of Minecraft servers whenever he's in charge, making people scream in rage cursing his impossible to pronounce Minecraft username. Normally, even if he doesn't post, RyuuseiOh is typically usually lurking around the forums daily. RyuuseiOh was known to think of the Xbox 360 and PS3 as pieces of junk at points, because at the time his only major 7th Gen console was a Wii, but RyuuseiOh currently plans on getting an Xbox 360, despite how much he still complains about the need to pay for Online services. His hatred for the PS3, while not as great hardware-wise, is more related to the fact almost everything on the PS3 is also on the 360, as with most 3rd Party titles are, so the choice between the two has been near impossible til he had a glimpse of a special Halo: Reach map that made his final vote go to the 360. Either way, he could name more games he wanted for the 360 than he could for the PS3, at least in terms of exclusives over both. His biggest controversies are probably his arguments in the "Console War" debates among other things, but it was mostly the Console War talks, as he rarely RPed at ZTV, hence Dragora or his other deity designs never being seen on ZTV save for his art topic, and other situations that involve him are typically nothing special at best. Overall, despite how much background there may appear to RyuuseiOh, there isn't much known about him despite this page probably having a ton of info on merely his usernames he's used alone.

List of Usernames RyuuseiOh has usedEdit

The most famous aspect of RyuuseiOh (If he even has any other than his slight ego), is the fact over the 4 years of being on forums, he had taken on many usernames, mostly with a matching theme to go along with it (Such as avatars and signatures to match the subject of the username in question). Over the years, these have been his known usernames:

  1. Shiramu-Kuromu, his Wikia username at the moment. The spelling as to whether the dash is either a dash, as this username is, or a simple space depends on the site. This is also his Minecraft Username, except spelled as "Shiramu_Kuromu". This username was designed to be impossible to pronounce by his friends, something that's a running gag whenever he talks with people on Skype while playing Minecraft.
  2. Mighty, since becoming a fan of the anime Bomberman Jetters, and while he's almost completely neglected the series and never watched past the 8th episode (Out of 52 total), he always uses either Mighty or Shiramu-Kuromu as his main "default" out of his constantly expanding list. Whenever RyuuseiOh uses Charmander or Agumon in both Pokemon and Digimon games respectively, said Mon tends to be named Mighty as well, with RyuuseiOh himself taking the name Shiro in some files.
  3. MightyFan217, a substitute username for his YouTube account, or whenever the name RyuuseiOh is unavailable. Pun off of LadiesMan217 from the Live Action Transformers movie.
  4. Shirobon, another Jetters themed username. Rarely used anymore. Variant was used as Shirobon Kid once. The shortened version, Shiro, is more frequently used in his Pokemon playthroughs.
  5. Ghost Raptor. His original username. More or less continued to be used as GR0, but rarely. His original YouTube account was known as GhostRaptor0, hence where the name GR0 originates from. Origin of the name overall though is that Ghost Raptor is the title held by a lead Ice Elemental Raptor, part of a group of 10 animals dubbed The Sacred Beasts, all based on prehistoric or extinct animals, with Ghost Raptor being the first of the 10.
  6. Cryptid X. Regarding the above, Cryptid X was the temporary name of the 10th Sacred Beast, which was modeled after Megalania. However, the recent version of the design differs so greatly from the original idea Cryptid X was no longer used for the name, and now dubbed Xilatealeon (Zilla mixed with Reptilian, pretty much pronounced "Zilla-tilian"). Cryptid X, while not the leader of the 10 Sacred Beasts, was the most powerful, most destructive, and also the most oddly placed as instead of being based of Tyrannosaurus or a large theropod, Xilatealeon is based on Megalania. Even the group has a Tyrannosaurid, Spinosaurid, and Sarcosuchus based Sacred Beasts, but none of them were what RyuuseiOh thought would be interesting for the final, 10th beast. A similar tactic was used when designing two other counterparts, both had basis creatures that were deemed lesser than other designs in their respective groups despite being the most powerful creatures of their group.
  7. Akantor the Supreme. Used only on the RP site Velotron. Was only used temporarily.
  8. General Ridley. Same as above.
  9. Godzilla the Ultimate. Same as above.
  10. God of the Skies. Same as above three.
  11. King Fire Pig. Same as the above four, except far more recently used.
  12. Phantom Ruler Z. Same as the above. Based off Zoroark's original title before it was revealed.
  13. Mr. Jho. One of his more better known ZTV names next to Mighty.
  14. Lao Shan Lung. Temporary username when several members were naming themselves after Monster Hunter monsters. Changed immediately when he settled for Mr. Jho instead.
  15. Red Tyrant. Similar in purpose to his Mr. Jho username, Red Tyrant gets it's name from a high level boss in the MMO Vindictus.
  16. Black Tyrant. Username as a pun off Red Tyrant. Username was based on Zekrom.
  17. Red Ranger. Current Velotron username, based on Super Sentai/Power Rangers as his current theme is. The Super Sentai theme avatar and signature is also used alongside his Mighty username.
  18. Game Master Grandis. Temporary name on Velotron when he was more busy working on his own projects and plans. However, no real progress has been made hence the username change to Red Ranger.
  19. Ice Tyrant, similar to Black/Red Tyrant, except specifically named after the nickname he gave his Kyurem.
  20. King Greymon. Temporary username at Stalkers Ranch.
  21. Captain Big Chin. Temporary username at Stalkers Ranch. Named after Eddy's Brother from Ed Edd & Eddy's Big Picture Show.
  22. Dragora. The name of a nigh powerful deity designed by RyuuseiOh himself, though he rarely uses this username because Dragora is always a final card he pulls in RPs when his main villains are at their end, with Dragora taking over the villain role at the last moment only to be defeated, the backstory behind Dragora being that it has been there the entire time, but only chose a specific moment to interfere with the flow of time and space.
  23. Bowser-the-King. RyuuseiOh's DeviantArt username, and although he's not been on DA as long as he had on most forums relating to ZTV, he's had the name since he joined back in 2009 and kept it to this day. The name referred to one of Bowser's quotes in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. When Bowser finally regains his memory after spending 2 boss battles as Rookie, he shouts "BOWSER THE KING" when he finally remembers who he is. The name also inspired a Mimic character whose shell was modeled after a miniature counterpart to Bowser's variant of Koopa, but having several key differences. Sometimes spelled as Bowser-Da-King on certain sites.
  24. The Cryptid Keeper. A personal favorite of RyuuseiOh's, but not used much anymore. Had a Secret Saturdays theme to it with a V. V. Argost avatar. Would've been somewhat Yeti themed as well given that Argost is actually a Yeti, but RyuuseiOh had no knowledge of that at the time of creating this specific username.
  25. Titanoking. Specifically used for MMOs, such as Mabinogi, Digimon Masters Online, and Spiral Knights.
  26. Mr. Dark. When he was staff at another forum (Now gone, sadly), the staff were given the task of creating disguise accounts for whenever potential spammers showed up. This didn't exactly work, but that was when Mr. Dark was used as a username for RyuuseiOh. Gets it's name from the villain of the same name from the original Rayman.
  27. Fatalis/Crimson Fatalis/White Fatalis. Let's just say the same as above except done a little too overboard by creating three accounts with these names on the same site. Named after the three Elder Dragons of the same name from Monster Hunter.
  28. The Grand One. His personal nickname on the Digimon Wiki, specifically that of his in-universe avatar that created all the Digimon that he specifically designed himself. Sometimes made fun of by changing the word "Grand" in the name to something else, typically used whenever the same character stars in other roles in other franchises for the sole purpose of messing everything up while having an argument with Dragora at the same time.
  29. Blue Dragon. Before he ditched his old RP forum (Which he has no intentions to revive), he had the username Blue Dragon, based off the game and anime of the same name, as originally, he intended to get Blue Dragon as one of his games for the Xbox 360, and still plans on doing so.
  30. Dragoon2190. One of RyuuseiOh's prehistoric usernames used on RuneScape when he still played it many years prior to joining ZTV.
  31. Darkness_Rising. Temporary Minecraft name, which was actually the account of one of his friend's before he got his own account and named it Shiramu_Kuromu.
  32. Marty. His true name in real life. Never was used as his username, but used in purposes necessary.
  33. Imperialdramon. One of his usernames at Bulbagardens, before he changed it to Mighty.
  34. Heart. His Skype nickname. Chose it as homage to one of his favorite anime movies, You Are Umasou.
  35. DynoDrago. Prior to formerly joining the community, RyuuseiOh was a lurker who joined as an Anonymous user for downloads. This account existed long before he made a true account for himself. Never uses this username anymore.
  36. Dragonzord. Current username at Stalkers Ranch, named after the MMPR name for Guardian Beast Dragon Caesar. Would most likely be changed to Dragon Caesar if he keeps the DragonRanger theme.
  37. Lord Soundwave. May or may not have had this username at ZTV, but had this username at another forum.
  38. Lord of Games. Once had this as a username, but now hates the character it's based on but still likes the name....... somewhat.
  39. Spyro the Dragon. Once had this name when he made an old forum. The forum got deleted when the forum type hosting it shut down.
  40. RyuuseiOh. The current username RyuuseiOh will eventually use, named after Mythical Chi Beast RyuuseiOh/Red Dragon Thunderzord.
  41. TOM. His current username on Velotron. Based off Tom from Toonami.
  42. He Who Has Many Names. Nuff said. Never actually used as a username though. Ironically, this username existed when he only had 5 usernames at that point.


When exactly RyuuseiOh went onto forums at all is a mystery, really, but the earliest records of him going on forums at all date back long before 2008, and as early as before ZT2 was even released. It wasn't until 2008, however, that he'd actually get involved in such online communities. At this time his main idol in terms of designing was Mysterious Map Marvels, who were famous for their Death Duels that King Hoopla had coded for specific Dinosaurs in their User Expansions. Even the Allosaurus download that used to be on ZTV was able to Death Duel with Stegosaurus. Around this time, RyuuseiOh was a rather shy soul who, despite that, was always acting like he was crazy or something, or making him look like a goof. While his activity at ZTV wasn't noted, it was at Dannybob's Forum where most of his activity was.

However, following the KH Hacking incident, he started to visit ZTV more often, this time helping forge himself as part of the community, but in a rather odd way as nothing too notable was part of RyuuseiOh's personality. Around this time, RyuuseiOh dubbed his username Mighty, and between then and now, created many more usernames he'd use for himself on different forums. Normally when he makes topics for games, they are for games that nobody else plays at all, or the topic doesn't have any other posts. However, one notable thing was that he helped kick start the Monster Hunter fandom at ZTV, previously mentioned by a user called Tyrannotherium at the time, who had previously used monsters from the series in his Avatars and Sigs. In Christmas 2009, Marty had got Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, and began talking about it more with the other members of ZTV who then became fans themselves, notable users being fans of Monster Hunter being Incinerox, Zooa, and other veterans as well. However, eventually some time during 2010, RyuuseiOh would phase out of the Monster Hunter fandom, but would still post news regarding the franchise even though he rarely plays the games anymore.

Some time during then, he no longer had any interest in his former idol King Hoopla, due to him having destroyed the site he had his own RPs at with a user named Dragongirl, main Admin of Velotron. She also goes to ZTV, though despite close relations she is not RyuuseiOh's girlfriend despite how much he felt feelings for her around that time, something he got over quickly once he met his actual girlfriend in 2012 in his last year of high school. In His involvement with ZTV history would be minor at best, but these are his most notable cases. In 2011, several months before they were revealed, he successfully predicted Kyurem would gain two formes instead of one in the expanded version of Pokemon Black and White; One form that was based on Reshiram and Special based, the other based on Zekrom and Physical based. He also successfully predicted these forms would learn both Fusion Flare and Ice Burn (White Kyurem) and Fusion Bolt and Freeze Shock (Black Kyurem), but he didn't post these ideas on ZTV at the time.

After the hacking by DR, RyuuseiOh's presence at ZTV was once again at an all time low, at this time going from Mr. Jho, the name he had used for the past year, and switching back to one of his earliest usernames; Mighty. The reason for his inactivity is that there is no major ZT2 projects, which he states was the main reason he even came to ZTV in the first place. Around it's early reveal, Skyrim was originally one of the games that Marty yet again bashed for no clear reason, during the time he despised the Xbox 360 and PS3 with a passion. However, this would eventually turn completely upside down when he learned WHAT Skyrim was really like and what races you could be, specifically him favoring the Argonian both for it's looks and it's underwater breathing abilities. Overall, his history at ZTV was never anything special at all, but he always worked his best to stay out of trouble, typically in such situations he would disappear for some time, and when he would re-appear would be unknown. Currently, RyuuseiOh is not a major active presence on the forum like he was before, but still maintains his normal style of life, except now he is busier with eventually preparing for college and now having a girlfriend of his own now.


RyuuseiOh Signature

Current signature based off Mythical Chi Beast RyuuseiOh/Red Dragon Thunderzord.

-RyuuseiOh has probably the largest pool of usernames to choose from than anyone else in the entire history of ZTV.

-RyuuseiOh originally had his own ZT2 Machinima called Mysterious Animals, planned at 20 Episodes with the first 10 Episode starring 10 fictional cryptids he designed himself based off certain downloads or variants. Sadly, the only one of these downloads still remaining is the signature Ghost Raptor, which was simply an Albino Deinonychus variant created by someone that RyuuseiOh couldn't remember. While Mysterious Animals was scrapped sometime before the first episode finished, the original 10 Sacred Beasts get their designs and concepts from this short lived series, making the series having a permanent lasting mark of on RyuuseiOh's original stories.

-Out of all the shows that RyuuseiOh had constantly switched over before, no show had an odd history like Power Rangers did. If you asked him if he were a fan in 2008 when he first joined the community, he'd probably bash the show outright. Now, however, since early 2012 he became a fan again after deciding to relive some nostalgia by re-watching the first season. This didn't go too far, however, as eventually RyuuseiOh's interest in the Japanese source material, Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, which formed the first season of MMPR, he eventually decided to watch a few episodes from Zyuranger. It took only 6 episodes for his worshiping to shift from Power Rangers to Super Sentai, taking note of the more serious plots, the fact it took 6 episodes to form Daizyujin compared to the mere first episode it took to form the Megazord, and also the fact the Zyurangers had to both EARN their weapons AND the ability to combine the Guardian Beasts into Daizyujin, where in Power Rangers both were merely given to them from the start, and the fact that some of the plot points in the first few episodes were turned into mere jokes in MMPR. So, when asked about it now, he'd reply that he's more of a Super Sentai fan now than a Power Rangers one.

-His signature battle cry at the top of the page was inspired by a student in his cooking class in his Sophomore Year, and at some point one day he talked about "a Chocolate Sundae with NNNNNNNNNNNNNUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTZZZZZZZZ!!!!!", hence after he graduated the following year RyuuseiOh would use the phrase for himself, instead just simply shorting it to "NNNNNNNUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTZZZZZZ!!!!". However, while this made him laugh a lot, he rarely uses the battle cry as he rarely sees the opportunity to use it.

-When he designs creatures, specifically fan-made creatures for franchises such as Pokemon, Digimon, and Medabots, the most important rules he goes by is the Olympus Mons trope, which involve extremely powerful, deity-like creatures being able to be obtained and used in battle, being commanded by something far weaker than them. Pokemon already does this with Legendary Pokemon, but RyuuseiOh believes other "Mon" franchises don't have the thrill of Pokemon because they LACK in this department, and usually most of his design process is devoted to Olympus Mon styled designs. Typically, with each franchise, be it original or fan-made, there's always a set of rules he follows:

  1. Three trios of creatures, two of which similar to standard trios, the third being the Version Mascot style trios, both of which Pokemon have experience with.
  2. At least one to three Olympus Mons are a direct homage or spoof of another franchise. Both Monster Hunter (Pokemon), Mario (Digimon), and Super Sentai (Medabots) have been made into either single designs or entire trios.
  3. At least three designs must be kept secret, similar to Event Legendaries, but different in that they merely require a password to be accessed, and are the strongest yet slowest to train.
  4. One of the Olympus Mons is an evolution line that is obtained as a weakling then later on made into it's true, more powerful form, with the lesser forms regarded as part of the set of Olypmus Mons designed. Even Pokemon wasn't immune to this rule.
  5. At least one to two designs being gameplay parallels to Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence, Metagross, Garchomp, and Hydreigon, the six Pseudo-Legendaries of Pokemon.
  6. ALL of the above MUST be broken enough to be on default banlists.

-Trying to explain everything about RyuuseiOh all at once is said to be impossible.

-Usually there are times when RyuuseiOh makes a pic based off something, he makes a mistake in the pic, but keeps it the way it is. An example includes his Henry Horsehawk pic, which was misinterpreted wrong thinking the "Neighga Please" saying was the joke, thus the pic where an Andrewsarchus and a Hippo, the latter attempting to pull off that saying, gets it's head bitten off by the Andrewsarchus for doing it completely wrong.

-His most famous videos on his YouTube account, MightyFan217, is his Wildlife Park 2 Video, specifically his one for Dino World where he talks about how the expansion is. Two later videos were created, one that further showed the Dinosaurs of the expansion, and other that was more of a miniature machinima. His original WP2 Dino World video has been spread across multiple sites, and gained 20K views as of August 20th, 2012. -His Nuzlocke run will involve spoofs of various franchises, specifically Super Sentai's G. B. Tyrannosaurus as Red (Marty), the Pokemon's names being based off Bomberman Jetters, and Mewtwo being the true villain as in the official Nuzlocke Comic, but having more a reason for being a villain rather than being truly evil. Bits and pieces of Gary's Bulbasaur, dubbed Max in the comic, will show from first being transformed by Mewtwo in Page 1, then revealing more and more backstory as the comic goes on.

-Despite being a 88 foot Mecha in his Nuzlocke Comic, the only person who will noticed is Oak, as homage to the fact having Legendary Pokemon in the Marty gets no special reactions from NPCs in the actual games, not even if said Pokemon is Mewtwo or Arceus. That is, of course, if Marty doesn't attempt to use one of G. B. Tyrannosaurus's attacks, which Oak BARELY avoided Tyranno Sonic being used to destroy Palette Town before Marty got his starter Shirobon.

-Some of the Pokemon in the Nuzlocke comic of his are intentionally different from their normal designs.

-RyuuseiOh (Marty) taking on the form of a mecha will be explained later in the comic, as will Mewtwo's role in the comic. In each generation, Marty takes the form of a different mecha, each from Super Sentai/Power Rangers. In Gen I, it is Guardian Beast Tyrannosaurus/Tyrannosaurus Dinozord from MMPR Season 1. In Gen II, it is Mythical Chi Beast RyuuseiOh/Red Dragon Thunderzord from MMPR Season 2. In Gen III, it is GaoLion/Red Lion Wildzord from Wild Force. In Gen IV, it is Hurricane Hawk/Hawkzord from Ninja Storm. In B/W, it is Blastasaur Tyrannosaurus/Tyrannozord from Dino Thunder. In B2/W2, it will be Shishi Origami/Lion FoldingZord from Samurai.

-Is currently working on concepts for potential Minecraft mobs to be added by mods, including additional Dragon types and also tamable and mountable Wyverns.

-Upcoming Nuzlocke run/comic will be for Gold Version, but only after RyuuseiOh finishes with his Blue Version comic/run. As stated above, the main character Marty will transform from Guardian Beast Tyrannosaurus to the form of Mythical Chi Beast RyuuseiOh (Based off his current username), but when the comic starts off, he has no memories of who he was before in the past generation. In Gen III, he will start off with no memories or connection to his past self whatsoever as GaoLion, but will still be the same person despite no longer having access to his previous abilities.

-RyuuseiOh's current PR/SS avatar is the only one of the two to not be a fight scene, or at least planned to be one.

-All of RyuuseiOh's PR/SS Avatars are references to plans in his Nuzlocke comic.

-All six of RyuuseiOh's PR/SS avatars are sometimes used as a combined signature, as seen in a manor shown at the top of the page.

-While Shout's death in the Nuzlocke comic has long since been planned, RyuuseiOh plans for TWO OTHER Pokemon in the original team of six to die as well, but who they are won't be revealed until their specific page in question is finished.

-Although his username is currently based on TOM from Toonami, he WILL change his username again when the time needs for his Nuzlocke Comic, and after the comics are finished return to being TOM or Mighty.

-His Shirobon username is sometimes shortened to Shiro. While the name means White Bomber in Japanese, the nickname of it being shortened to Shiro would be a common theme to all of TOM's characters he uses with the name Shirobon.

-While he DOES have a Toonami themed avatar and signature, he was personally limited in options for signature choices because some pictures he wanted to use either broke forum rules or had text where he didn't want it to be, or simply couldn't find the right pictures.

Gallery of MightinessEdit


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