This timeline tells all the notable events that have happened on ZTV, starting from 2006.

Beginning: 2006 - 2007Edit

ZTV started in 2006, it was created by Zooa/Zooasaurus Rex.

g00ns hacking: 2008Edit

In 2008 ZTV was hacked by the g00ns.

Ch0des: 2008 - 2009Edit

Hoopla hacking: 2009Edit

In 2009, ZTV got hacked yet again, this time, the site got taken down for good, by King Hoopla. King Hoopla left cryptic messages on the 'destroyed' forum, and locked it. The link can be found here: z6 ZTV

Revival: 2009 - 2012Edit

Shortly after the hacking, ZTV members moved to a backup the staff had made incase of an event like this.

DR Hacking: 2012Edit

In mid 2012, DR hacked ZTV, because the staff had shock spammed another forum, Gaia. He removed the sites skin, and left an angry message in the newsbox.

Shortly after, Chipmunk managed to bring the old ZTV back online, but was given no credit.


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